Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Not really managing this every day but...

22nd July 2008

It's been a really hard day actually - disappointments looming large from the national to the personal but yet, today is a day where I want to remember that somethings were good.

1. Someone got behind a bulldozer and tried to attack innocent people again, leaving many injured but thank God, no casualties. The remarkable bravery and selflessness of people saving us from an even bigger catastrophe. On the bus, people around me making and receiving the "check in" call from relatives, checking that they were elsewhere at that time. I heard an old man gently reassuring his wife, "Thank God, I'm OK". I don't think I will ever get used to making and receiving those calls, like some of my friends are, and perhaps I don't really want to. But still, something about that old man on the bus will stay with me for a while.

2. The woman in the queue behind me in the Supermarket was a real cow, moaning and bitching about the amount of time she had to wait and how few people there were on the till. I didn't shout at her, or give in and let her go in front (yes, can also be a cold hearted bitch) but did quietly, in more or less correct Hebrew, tell her that her behaviour was unreasonable and put everyone else around her under pressure. I know it won't make any difference to her but the pressure of trying to operate in a language that I am not fluent in is immense at times. Every so often I realise how deficient I am, how people don't take me seriously or how many opportunities or just simple pieces of information I miss. So, it's good to count the occasions where I don't over-react, but also don't feel like a pushover.

3. I'm enjoying a rare breeze on a 30 degrees day. My sister and family are coming tomorrow and I know that all other stresses will melt away, even if just for a second, when I'm being hugged and kissed my five little girls and my wonderful sister. The anticipation is lovely.


Spelling Mistakes said...

I love the idea of this blog.

Here three beautiful things from me:

1. I discovered I can trust people to do thier jobs. delegating is not easy for me. Its an important lesson.

2. He is a good person. I can trust him. I can see responsebility and laughter in his eyes.

3. A piece I am writing is getting great reviews.

Thank you for helping me to see that life is not that bad!

Pole said...
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Pole said...

1) Someone is having a birthday at work today and people in the office genuinely seem to care. A lot of effort was invested to raise a lot of money for him to buy something he actually wants and the atmosphere towards him is very warm.

2) The Israeli workplace is living up to its expectations so far.

3) debate in Israel is rampant about how to combat a new form of terrorism where everyday tools are used to attack people. Again, another piece of evidence that things are not clear cut and the Jewish people cares more than is often portrayed in the media.

more commentary and debate on the recent events in israel: www.bravejeworld.blogspot.com