Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bin Men and Marching Bands

  1. When the yoghurt pot exploded all over the bin men today and they just laughed out loud at each other. Not a single trace of malice or annoyance.
  2. The end of Ulpan Party was an unexpected delight. This Ulpan (Hebrew Language School) has been a 'tikkun' for my previous experience, i.e. that one was largely disappointing and unsatisfactory in terms of it's teaching. This party was very simply arranged; Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, music from a band called Marsh Dondurma (Ice cream in Turkish??) and fantastic views over the city of Jerusalem, but it was exactly what people wanted to be doing and the music was really good. Well, to be during the three weeks, it would have to be-right?
  3. The other good thing about this event is that I was able to really express my thanks and appreciation to my Ulpan teacher, Mazal. Her teaching has really been incredible, she really successfully portrays her love of Hebrew, her knowledge of the linguistic links and transformation from a biblical, ancient language to one that is modern, vibrant and constantly growing. And that special thing that really incredible and intelligent teachers do; the art of making the complex straightforward.. something to aspire to!

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