Thursday, 24 July 2008

Loving Ulpan

1. 8.20am, which, incidentally still seems to me to be a ridiculously early time to be anywhere, let alone an 45 minute journey from home, was in fact a wonderful time to be watching a small (schmooli style) silver tabby kitten chasing it's tail in the cafeteria at university. Nothing big or special, but I just enjoyed it enough to remind me that it can be these small moments that make a day.

2. So the lentils weren't soft. The onions were too big and too raw. The aubergine was too chewy. But my friends ate my version of 'Moussaka' anyway. Perhaps they were starving, or just really nice people. Or maybe, it's just because it was covered in cheese, and cheese is always good. Actually, even better than good if it's melted..

3. I admit it! I'm disappointed that the visitor who I was expecting couldn't come over. But it does give me a nice quiet evening in, perhaps an early night or even to complete some of the large pile of homework chewing it's way out of my bag. Or maybe I'll watch Curb.. :)

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