Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sunny Tuesday

1. Seeing dear A & A and appreciating their open hearts and spare door key. How wonderful to just place a key in my hand and say use it whenever you want! For them not making me feel like I aught to have left when they came home.

2. Overcoming a potential panic attack in a tunnel 50m beneath the ground. Seeing D who was so the right person to mull it over and accepting her love as she walked me home for the sake of my company. For her pushing me gently to think about things which are difficult.

3. Maybe this date that I am waiting for won’t be as bad as I assume.. Actually, the date went very well from one perspective; I spoke Ivrit all evening! This was not only good for the practice but also for the concept of fearless dating. It’s just an opportunity to speak Ivrit. Much easier to deal with.

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