Sunday, 2 November 2008

Rainbows and Registration

  1. A wonderful weekend with the Hippies down south. A super drive with amazing views, reminding me a) how big and b) how wonderful this ol' state of mine is. I need to get about it more, travel more, get to know it better etc.
  2. Despite all of the above, including waking up at 7.30am to witness the most peaceful desert scene, crashing out in my own bed was great. The stars the night before were INCREDIBLE! If only a photograph could capture even an idea of how wonderful it was to lie by a campfire, looking up at the sparkly carpet of stars.
  3. Registering for Uni.. am freaked out of all proportion. However, it's going to be fine. This whole thing is going to be an exercise in the science of "It's going to be fine". Ok, so I don't know exactly where my classes are, what classes to do or what the hell they will be about, ok that I am going to lose three evenings a week to be in Ulpan, ok that this is probably the hardest, the real-est thing I have done in Israel so far, in fact anywhere so far.. ok ok!! It's going to be FINE!!
(any reassurances/offers to attend courses for me/offers to write papers for me etc will be welcomed with open arms.)


Spelling Mistakes said...

you think uni reg is awful??

Once upon a time it was all done in paper with signatures you had to collect from the departments. those were the days...

Enjoy dear!

Jeremy said...

I live my whole life by the adage "hakol yiheeyeh bseder" and i've turned out alright. A bit of a lazy good for nothing bum, but alright.

Thanks for the blog reminder - the blog in itself is a beautiful thing..!

You'll be fine.

We neeeeeeeeeeed catch up.