Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nerves and Nice Surprises

  1. I only know one person who lives in Mevasseret. He doesn't even live in Mevasseret most of the time, but who did I see on the bus in Mevasseret? Correct!
  2. Got some really wonderfully reassuring help from a friend who has already done the degree I am about to start next week (if there isn't a strike..). I am uncharacteristically nervous about starting (if there isn't a strike..) and feel that the more I talk about how freaked I am, perhaps, the better it will be? Well, time to put on the "rational hat" (I think there is one in the back of the wardrobe..) and face the fears with a harmless little Q&A session tomorrow.
  3. Umm... struggling for a 3rd I can really write about today.. I had a really interesting meeting today. I met a woman who is really serious about affecting major changes in Israel in a totally realistic and potentially successful way. She's starting small and isn't put off by the magnitude of the job. And I might get to help her on the way. It was genuinely reviving and inspiring to meet someone who wasn't just kvetching about the state of Education around here, but was really doing something. Who said Pioneerism is dead?!

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