Thursday, 16 October 2008


I was prevented from writing in detail about my cookies on facebook, and luckily remembered I(just in time) that I do have another venting OOps I mean writing opportunity on the dear old web..

1. So, I'm doing the marathon make cookies for a party we're having on Saturday night. The making cookie procedure has become very evocative for me. Last summer when I left London, I also found myself making many many cookies many many times. And now, each time I make cookies, I remember. And it's a nice memory. People ask me what I miss from London and I always find it a very difficult question. Of course I miss people. And marmite. And maybe Green&Blacks. And the great green outdoors. But would I want to go back? Right now, the answer is certainly no.

Every now and then, often when I am making cookies, I think back to the Summer of 07. I felt so well supported and loved by the people around me, and so scared of the future ahead of me, although that anxiety is difficult to really recall now. I stood in my parents home and talked about about my Grandmother and how she unknowingly sent me on this path of Aliyah. I looked around at the group of friends gathered to hear me and wondered if I was crazy to leave those amazing people behind.

Of course, none of the parts of the sentence really add up. Yes, I was crazy, but hopefully in a good way. They are amazing people and I haven't left anyone behind. I have made good friends here and I have managed to keep hold of most of the relationships that were always so important to me. And importantly for me, especially as someone who likes to keep things stable, similar and reliable, is that I made a positive and proactive acceptance of the fact of life never staying the same, of no two moments ever being the same.

2. My room is beautifully tidy. Ok, so I can't find anything, but I am enjoying how nice it looks. While it lasts.. Ok, in contradiction to no. 1, perhaps there are some things that I like to change..

3. Not to sound too much like Mrs Dalloway.. but I am looking forward to the party!

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Spelling Mistakes said...

As someone who was at your summer 07 party, and was lucky enough to see you few times here (not enough though), I can only comment and say:
You are not crazy.

shabbat shalom