Sunday, 28 September 2008

He has given us the gourd. The GOURD!

1. Decided, totally unexpectedly, and totally without preplanning, to have a haircut today. I got off the bus, and there it was, the hairdresser beckoning me. I mean, he wasn't actually beckoning me, but there was certainly a certain pull towards the hairdresser. Anyway, it ended up being one of those "only in Israel" conversations. I wanted a something dramatic (for me, nothing asymmetrical or too funky), and we talked about the appropriate-ness of this time of year. New hair, new me, new year etc etc. Then he proceeded to compliment me. Now, perhaps if he had been speaking in English, I would have simply disregarded his comments, but there is something about those complimentary words in Hebrew which lends them to have a greater depth about their meaning. Na'im (pleasant), Chayn (grace).. I don't know which of these words have biblical roots but they just seem to be a much more serious compliment than "nice".

Or I'm a sucker.

Either way, never look a compliment horse in the face. Or something like that.

2. Am loving having two of my oldest and dearest friends in town. Loving that it feels like no time has past and loving (am I overusing this yet) that I am lucky enough to have two such wonderful people in my life. And their husbands seem to tolerate me too.

3. The Life of Brian. Always a treat for an evening. Especially when combined with good company, beer and sushi.

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