Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shwarma and Beer

  1. A surprising and wonderful turn out at my "Drinks in London" do this evening. Is always hard to juggle and manage to really catch up with friends while on such a brief trip, but it's seems like it is a) appreciated, and b) worthwhile to at least skim the surface of what people are up to and when they're going to make aliya! Well, for some..
  2. I live in the country of kosher meat and shwarma on every doorstep. However, chips, vinegar and a lemonade shwarma still has a special ring to it, especially if it's on a rainy day in Hendon. Even better if it can be accompanied by good company and watching the Olympics.. which brings me on to..
  3. Usain Bolt. What a pleasure to watch!
  4. Am extending to four items today; midnight tea with the doctor. There are people you can pick up with anywhere, any time and about pretty much anything. It's the best reason for visiting London.

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